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New website for Oh-love-ministries and blog management

Oh-love-ministries is a platform that talks about life, love, God and his children in the world. It’s a simple blog, where Olaf (the founder and author of Oh-Love-ministries) can share his vision; his thoughts and messages. And it’s a place to help people understand, that they’re loved by Jesus Christ.

The challenge

Olaf was in need of a website to share his vision online. The website had to be a simple blog, where he can publish new thoughts and messages. It also had to be in two languages (English and German).
Besides the new website, Olaf was also looking for a reliable long-term partner, who is supporting him and his website also after the launch.

The idea

The idea is a simple website in warm and welcoming colors. The header images of the pages provide a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
Besides the blog “Message for you”, a few other pages explain what the website is about and tell the story of Olaf.

The process

The first part was setting up the domain, hosting and installing WordPress with all necessary plugins and settings. We also took care of important security settings.

Together with Olaf we created the website and combined his content to our design. We helped him with editing the provided images and implemented all features he was looking for.

We also created a custom layout for the blog articles. By getting rid of the sidebar and other distracting elements, the focus is completely on the text of the article.

The outcome

The website

We took the ideas of Olaf and added our knowledge to build a website, which is simple and easy to use.
Its focus is on the vision and story of Olaf, as well as the blog, where he publishes new articles and messages.
As Olaf is traveling all around the world and meets people from so many different countries, the website is a bilingual website in German and English.

Maintenance service & blog management

Also after launching the website, we continue helping Olaf.
Part of our long-term partnership is our maintenance service. We do regular updates and backups of the website. This way Olaf can be sure that no data gets lost and his website is always up-to-date.
Besides the maintenance service, we also take care of his blog. Our blog management saves Olaf a lot of time. We formate and upload new articles for him and make sure, that it always looks good.


“From the beginning on, I was in very good hands with osirius. They made my ideas reality in a very uncomplicated way and they their own creativity to it. Furthermore a responsive support was and is important to me. It saves me a lot of time and I can concentrate on the important things.
I particularly appreciate the timeliness of my website, which not only feeds my new ideas but also gives me suggestions so that I have an up-to-date website.
With osirius I don’t have the feeling, that I’m just a paying client with a number, whose projects are carelessly done. They’re connecting passion for their work with client service.
Osirius is a business I can highly recommend.”

– Olaf (founder and author of Oh-love-ministries)
Translated from German

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