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Business cards and marketing material for a Spanish teacher and tour guide

Nataly is a private Spanish teacher and tour guide from Medellín (Colombia). She’s teaching private Spanish conversation classes and shows tourists around her hometown Medellín.

The challenge

Nataly was in need of new marketing material to grow her business and to find new clients. Her goal was to get known by more foreigners, who will book her Spanish classes and her tours around Medellín.

The idea

We realized that many small businesses left their business cards in cafes and restaurants. As many foreigners are visiting those places, we decided to do the same. We had the idea to create new business cards for her and also posters, which will be published in hostels.
As many others are having their business cards in cafes and restaurants, the design of Natalys new business cards had to be different and stand out.

The process

First we had a look at all the others – especially the colors and what’s written on them. Then we created some examples, that had a very different design. Several drafts made it easier for Nataly to visually understand the idea behind her new business cards and it also helped her to decide on the final design.

The design

Nataly decided for a two-sided business card with her Spanish classes on one side and her tour guide services on the other.
The side about her Spanish classes show the colors of the Colombian flag. It’s a connection to her home country. The angular shaped flag stands out from all the other business cards and also is something different to the usual. A simple layout and very minimalist text focus on the most important: Who is she? What’s her service? And how to contact her?
The other side brings a bit more information about her tour guide services. It shows some examples of what to expect and again a way to contact her. On the right side we show a little part of the map of Medellín. Again it’s something no other business card had and also explains a bit about what Nataly is offering.

Easter egg

We put a little easter egg on the business card. The part of the map, which is shown on the business card, is also her favourite neighbourhood of Medellín. Who knows which one it it is? 😉

The outcome

We created a two-sided business card, which Nataly can leave in cafes and restaurants. The two-sided business card allows Nataly to advertise both of her services at the same time. Also we created a poster for hostels and restaurants.
This marketing material helps Nataly in finding new clients for her Spanish classes and her tours around Medellín. It helps Nataly to get known by more foreigners and finally to grow her business.


“Working with Nathan greatly improved my business and working relationship with my clients. Nathans experience and knowledge opened my eyes to many new possibilities and helped me and my business to grow.
I am always grateful for the way he goes above and beyond to help me. He is always my first call when I have a problem or need advice.”

– Nataly (Spanish teacher & tour guide)

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