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New logo, stationery & website for forum8

forum8 wants to make room for a variety of ways to develop a conscious quality of life and make a contribution to actively shaping a culture of benevolence.
For example, Eva from forum8 offers a variety of yoga, meditation and well-being seminars. Funeral orations and spiritual guidance for a peaceful farewell and transition are also part of her work.

The challenge

Eva from forum8 relaunches her business. For this she needed a corporate identity package consisting of logo, business cards and stationery. Besides that she also needed new website.
With her website she wants to promote about her services and also offer appropriate events.

The idea

The idea behind the visual appearance of forum8 is a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The chosen colors reflect the elements from the point of view of Tantrayana Buddhism.

The process

Together with Eva we have created her the appearance of forum8. Together we created a concept, which reflects the values of forum8 in the best possible way. After we created the first style guide, we started with the general appearance and the corporate identity.
Then we implemented it into the logo, business cards, stationery and website.

Corporate Identity

Important for the company of Eva is a consistent and professional appearance. To achieve this, we put together a corporate identity package for Eva.
Forum8 differs in two areas: the general appearance and appearance in the field of farewell and funeral orations.


One important part is a logo, which reflects the values of forum8. The new logo of forum8 consists of the colours of the elements from the perspective of Tantrayana Buddhism. It represents a mandala with the elements space, air, fire, water and earth.
For Eva’s work on farewell and funeral services, we have created a second logo and appearance that adapts to this topic.

Stationery & promo material

We created various promo material and stationery, so Eva can advertise her business and that she can connect to new people. This way she can promote herself with some great business cards and individual stationery.
Again we created two different versions of the promo material for her two areas of work.


The website was created to match the overall appearance of Evas business. An important point is a light website with a simple layout.
The colours of the website reflect the elements from the point of view of Tantrayana Buddhism. Curved and round shapes ensure a friendly and relaxed appearance.
The division into the four main areas of forum8 (yoga, well being, meditation and funeral oration) makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.
Also the page of farewell and funeral services is created in the silver/gold layout and appearance.

The outcome

Together we created an extensive package of promotional material and a website that reflects the values of forum8. With business cards and stationery Eva can draw attention to herself and has a professional and consistent appearance. Her new website informs about her work and helps visitors to find what they are looking for.

Maintenance & Support

After the launch of the new website, we continue working with Eva. We take care of the maintenance of her website (updates and backups). In addition we provide long-term support and we are available as her contact person for everything about her website and visual appearance.


“Nathanael was and is an ideal partner for my creative business development.
His prudent questions were exactly the “fuel” I needed to give my visions and ideas a contemporary, clear form. He then reflects these reliably in his sensitive design. Thanks to a relaxed communication, my first professional web presence was created in consistent, rapid steps.
I’m looking forward to our future collaboration!”

– Eva (founder of forum8)
Translated from German

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