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New website for e-NABLE Medellín

e-NABLE Medellín is a non-profit and crowdfunded organisation, based in Medellín (Colombia). They provide free personalised prosthetic limbs to children and adults in need. Those prosthetics are 3D printed to not only save on costs, but also to produce them within just two weeks.

The challenge

e-NABLE was in need of a new website. The main goals of the new website were getting volunteers to work for the organisation and collect donations to produce free 3D printed prosthetics for the people in need.
As e-NABLE is based in Colombia, the website had to be in English, as well as in Spanish.
They were also in need of a new hosting service for the website and they wanted to change the name of the domain.

The idea

By telling the stories of the people that got help by e-NABLE Medellín and background information about the organisation, we want to awake emotions in the visitor of the website. Clear call-to-actions will make it easy to donate or send an application for new volunteers.

The process

Together with the volunteers of e-NABLE, we created the website based on our ideas.
The content was provided by the organisation and we helped with customizing the provided images.

The design

As the logo already existed, we used those colors on the website as well. The blue color for backgrounds, the red for clear call-to-action buttons and other highlights.
Showing many images help to awake emotions of the visitors and tell the story of the organisation in a visual way.
Using an arrow form as dividers, we pick up the design of the prosthetics, which are technical devices and have edges as well. Also we guide towards the call-to-action buttons.
A shadow below the call-to-action areas and the buttons are visualizing 3D effects and represent the 3D printing technology used for the prosthetics.

The realisation of the design

The website is based on the content management system WordPress and the Divi theme from Elegant Themes. This allows us for full control of design and functionality and an gives an easy to use website to the organisation.

New hosting and domain

Besides the website, e-NABLE Medellín was in need of a new hosting service. We recommended a new hosting and set up everything needed to publish the website.
e-NABLE Medellín also got a new domain. We set up the new domain and a redirection from the old to the new domain. This way visitors always get to the new domain.

The outcome

The outcome is a bilingual WordPress website (Spanish and English) with clear call-to-actions to help and donate, a blog to tell the stories of the people, some background information about the organisation and an application form for volunteers, to make it super easy to get in contact with e-NABLE Medellín.


“After working with various web development companies in Colombia I can honestly say that Nathanael stands out from the rest. From conception to design and development, Nathanael took our vision of what e-NABLE Medellín’s website should be and made it a reality.
We received phenomenal customer service, extensive knowledge in technology, keen attention to detail and most importantly creativity!

He was able to create a simple yet powerful website for us which has the capabilities of transforming the image and reach of our organization. Nathanaels attention to detail, ongoing support and ability to deliver on time and within budget has surpassed our expectations.

We highly recommend and endorse Nathanael to any business or organization that wants to have the best possible online presence.”

– Adam (founder of e-NABLE Medellín)

“I was introduced to Natha by Adam, the founder of e-NABLE Medellín, as the person who was going to design the organisation’s new website.

From the outset, Natha was extremely attentive and easy to work with. By the time of our first conversation, he had already put together an impressive skeleton of the website and come up with a number of ideas that were ultimately included in the finished product.
Natha’s design worked seamlessly and fit in perfectly with e-NABLE’s existing branding and social media pages.

As a team, we worked very well together: Natha incorporated my suggestions for content whilst offering his own marketing and design expertise to ensure the website delivered on impact and was easy to navigate. The work Natha did for the new e-NABLE website was integral to the launch of the latest crowdfunding campaign, and demonstrates not only his talent for website design but also his philanthropic nature.”

– Mags (volunteer at e-NABLE Medellín and responsible for content and translation of website)

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e-NABLE Medellín
Adam (founder)

Responsible for content and translation

Mags (volunteer at e-NABLE Medellín)





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