WordPress blog management

WordPress blog management at a monthly fixed price

Monthly WordPress blog management

You’re running a WordPress blog, you’re writing new articles, but you’re not fancy to proofread, format and upload them all the time?
Then have a look at our WordPress blog management services – they’re perfect for you!

You just wanna focus on the content of your blog and you’re not fancy doing all the technical things to publish your new blog post?

We have something for you!
With our WordPress Blog management service, we help you with your blog.

We believe, that amazing content and great articles lead to more education.
That’s why we help you with the management of your blog, so you can focus 100% on the content of your blog posts.

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What our clients say

e-NABLE Medellín

“After working with various web development companies in Colombia I can honestly say that Nathanael stands out from the rest. (…)”

– Adam (founder of e-NABLE Medellín)

Paragraf 7

“(…) Nathanael has proven to be a reliable partner and has always realised all tasks as I wanted.
I am happy about working together with him.”

– Dr. Ronald Kandelhard (founder of Paragraf 7)
Translated from German

e-NABLE Medellín

“(…) As a team, we worked very well together: Natha incorporated my suggestions for content whilst offering his own marketing and design expertise to ensure the website delivered on impact and was easy to navigate. (…)”

– Mags (volunteer at e-NABLE Medellín)

Think But Why

“It is always a great pleasure to work with Natha. Especially if it comes to the more technical part of a website, he is always someone I can rely on. (…)”

– Nicole Öhlmann (founder of Think But Why)

Nataly Figueroa

“(…) Nathans experience and knowledge opened my eyes to many new possibilities and helped me and my business to grow.
I am always grateful for the way he goes above and beyond to help me. (…)”

– Nataly (Spanish teacher & tour guide)

You create amazing content – we do the rest

Focus 100% on the content of your blog posts, we do all the technical things and publish the article.

You wanna save time and grow your blog?

Simply order the right package for your WordPress blog.

You run more than just one blog?

No problem! You can book as many packages as you have blogs. Just click the button above and choose how many packages you want.

You’re in need of even more?

You publish more or longer articles?
You wanna add more images and graphics to your blog posts?
You’re writing in another language or your blog is multilingual?

No problem! We will create an individual package for you, which fits your needs. Just write us a message!

* Information

The prices are subject to VAT.
Due to technical reasons, our service is not available in the USA (via the “order now” buttons above). Please contact us directly if you’re from the USA and interested in our WordPress blog management service (contact form).
The order and withdrawal will be done by Digistore24.com. By clicking on the button “Order now!”, you will be forwarded to the sales pages where you can order the chosen package. After placing the order, you will get a starter kit with further instructions.
Our WordPress blog management service can be cancelled monthly. Our terms and conditions for our WordPress blog management service apply. You can find them here: osirius.de/en/terms-blog-management

You have more questions?

Write us a message! We’re happy to help you out.

Who we are

Hey, we are osirius.

We’re helping small businesses to gain an advantage in the digital world by creating modern web design and building easy to use websites.

We believe that appealing and modern websites results into growing businesses and long term partnerships to their clients.

What else do we do?

Next to our WordPress blog management, we also create websites for your business.

We help you with an individual web design, the development and everything else that’s needed.

Let us help you to grow your business.

It’s up to you!

Let us help you! You write the articles – we do the rest.